Sunday, 11 August 2013


whether people are sorry or not,
it's not my problem, we all have
our own lives we have to live, I
can't take credit for the work of
 another, all I have is my own
life to live

if I had to eat food for all the
other people I'd be pretty fat
huh, if we all had to take care of
each other how would we be able
to live our own lives, you got kids
fine, but getting out of the house
happens for everyone unless you
are chained to the computer in
the basement,

nice to have family & friends but
there is a tense to the fact we need
to eat our own bread, you can lead
a horse to water, but can you make
it drink,

you can cry out Dachaua Dachau
only so many times when your
government takes shots at the
Snow Leopards on the cliff,

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