Thursday, 15 August 2013

African American culture is filled with folly

if you were gonna say which culture
of people ate the worm & the hook I'd
say it were africans, in my opinion
they all took the token in hip hop &
have been deluded into the miss
match of linguistics, as if Bad
were good et al,

IMO the entire culture of being
African in the USA is nothing more
than a scene from the Dave Chapelle
show, oh ya, I imagine a lot of people
would be angry at me for this but
since when do you can your loved
one in a wife a bitch or ho, is that
your term of respect,

seriously, drugs, strippers, are they
trying to create a dysfunctional family
like that of the gun owner off of Jackie
Brown, seriously, if they didn't learn
family values off the mistake of the
Blaxploitation films will they ever
learn that in a large part they are
being lead like lambs to the slaughter,

As if, I say it again, oh ya huh, bad
means good, point made guys, that's
as simple as I can say it, if you were
in a house & the roof really were on
fire would you cups up or call the fire
dept, seriously, like I said, all African
American culture is easily a rip of the
Dave Chapelle show, but even he
learned his lesson & changed, when
will popular African American culture
learn the same lesson,how about this
one, oh ya that's sick, make up your
mind, is it sick or is it sick,

the Wayan's bros, White Chicks, are
you kidding me, my goodness

could you imagine how many cops enjoy
M&M but hate blacks, think it over guys,

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