Wednesday, 21 August 2013


doing my own form of Feng Schway to
take care of my shin splints, trying to
do everything in reverse to what I
usually do in a night, put my tower on
the outside of my desk to shield my
right leg from the energy of the tower,

walking a reverse of my usual circuit,
smoke with my left hand, as much as
I can with the reverse I usually do,

on top of that, when I crank the tunes
my eyes always dilate, so I have my
tunes cranked for the possible dilation
of capillaries & more possible blood
flow through my injured shin, gonna
try to push it all night & walk it off
in my own form of feng,

oh ya, it feels nice when the tunes are
cranked & my pupils are dilated from it,
increases concentration,

changing tape everytime I return home
& re-applying a bandage & swabbing
as well, beginning to walk normal now
besides the bandage & tape to keep the
swelling down, not as bad as I thought
it would be, drinking juice all night,
taping I learned from a sports aid tape
class I did in about 2000 summer, man
that's saved my bacon more that once
with splints on my feet when the hospital
refused to x-ray me, or groin injuries I
used to suffer from, bad wrists et al,
oh ya, that course saved my bacon more
than once,

with how it feels now to earlier, oh ya,
banking by morning I'll hit a tipping
point for healing, don't do this at home
boys & girls, I'm not massive on loving
pain, but a severly abusive home life up
till 14 toughened me up besides 6 bogus
arrests & more that 2 years total the last
three years locked up in psyche-wards &
dealing with the brutal side effects of
medications & the head games played on
me, like JFK said, nothing to fear but
fear it's self,

booyah, Meow Meow,

plus, got an open blister on my right hand,
same side as my shin splint, I treating them
in sync, as a whole unit to take care of the
shin splint,

oh ya, a father who continually beat &
threatened to kill me, yep you learn to have
a thick skin when it comes to pain, I used
to cut myself with razors steak knives &
hot knives till a few years ago, oh ya, you
learn to have a thick skin,

booyah, meow, meow,

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