Friday, 16 August 2013

can't wait for my bitchcraft of eternal darkness to start

can't wait for my bitchcraft of eternal
darkness to start, I did warfare for
there to be darkness the world over,
then we'll see how many moons there
really are,

in Dec 94 I had a dream of Jesus on
a white horse riding in a blue ball of
web-light light & he was coming
from the direction of the constellation
 of Orion, it was to take 20 years to

a few years later in about 95 or 96
they had the film ASupernova starring
Angela Basset & James Spader, & in
this film it would take a bomb that
was detonated 20 years to arrive to
earth, the deal is though the bomb
was attached to a 9 demensional
alien vessel, not a ship but like a

did their film get exuded from my
dream, who knows, but the last two
years in the psyche-ward I have been
electrifying my body to try to suck
the supernova to earth if there is one,
I think that if there is a supernova
racing to earth from Orion, when it
hits Houston, oh ya,I'm very sure it
will change the properties of everything
on earth,

change the properties of the still, &
that of the living, my hopes is that it
reawakens the True Gods of the
Atlantian age during the days of Noah,
I call those fallen angels the True Gods,
& their children the Nephilim who are
most liking of the lore of myths like
the creatures that of Re or Horus or
Anubis et al,

you know what, when it's a full moon,
it's really only full for about an hour or

they say Christmas comes early,oh ya lol,
I had a talk with a Rabbi one time & he let
slip that they called a new moon a day
earlier than it should have been, snicker
snicker, don't bank on your calendars as
being correct if the establishment made
it, oh ya, I imagine everything is early
if you catch my drift,

could you imagine all the cults &
wiccans & satanists doing their jiggs
on the wrong days for the last hundred
years they've put out calendars, man
that's a whole comedy show right there,

for who knows how long, but Jezebel used
to hold sex cult orgies on new moons in
Israel, that was God's swipe at Israel, I
think that comes out of Isaiah, God saying
he hates their new moon festivities,

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