Sunday, 18 August 2013

some of the reading I've done

2 different translations of Sun-Tzu

nip & tucks of Francis Bacon's the New Organnon

Biography of Alexander of Macedon

The Hobbit

The Lord of the Rings

some of the Silmarillion

Dragon's Eyes Stephen King

some Abu Nidal

Some Mossad

Some history of chemical Biological Rdiological warfare

some of the issues of the science mag Omni

The Dissertations by Machievelli


End Times book on Daniel

Some biblical History

History of Tutenkamen

Please Understand me 2 book on archtypes of psychology

History of Ancient Rome

parts of the Book of Enoch

Aramaic Bible

Snori Snerlson Norse Mythology

some Farheed Zacharia

Etymological research on names

some Encylcopedia Dramatica

some How to make a good screen play great

some Zen Flesh Zen Bones

Some of Baguan Rajneesh

Some Eckhart Tolle

much ww2 German history

that's allI can remember

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