Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I don't have a quote mental illness

I call it emotional trauma,
I grew up with a father who
continually beat me &
threatened to kill me till
my mom got my bro & I
out at the age of 14,

any involved with my
hospitalizations over the
last 20 years will, yep
end up as a metallica ONE,

booyah, Meow Meow,

pretty soon, my life will
start about now, go,

oh ya, definitley, trust issues,
but basically, women don't
want relationships, they want
guys they can control, I call
that women who just want
some furniture around, most
people have been so brainwashed
by the media,

I'm blood born Jew, but have non
of their pederastic culture or
cultured forms of racism, basically
jews believe they should have
carpets of other races laying
down before them & that other
races are like garbage to be eaten
up & thrown under the wheel,

I can't conceptualize a culture so
heartless that thinks the  God could
favor them when they have been
steeped in so much wickedness,

when Joshua gave his story of a man
dieing being the lynch pin to free his
wife to finally lawfully marry again,
well he was talking of his own death
& the then divorce in his death, the
divorce from all of Israel, so now,
Israel has no husband in terms of
Jehovah or the Lord Jesus, who they
are wed to I don't know, maybe they
are now wed to their own disillusion
of their grandeur,

easily the gymnasium of pederastic
nature acclaimed to the Greeks would
have been initiated by the Hellenistic
of Jewry, as an titled Hellenistic are
basically denatured Jews & that they
are secular Jews,

in total out of all Jewry, oh ya, bank
on very few as having been or will go
to heaven after their lives have passed,

killing the Palestinians over 3 to tops
10 square miles, is this some sort of
twisted game, what they never learned
their lessons in Dachau, oh ya, near all
Jewry will have had a mas chance to
receive life but they threw it back at
Joshua's feet & preferred to jump in
the the lime slacking pits for concrete

from below the bottom to over the top,
any involved in the least to the most
involved in my 8 hospitalizations over
these 20 years will end up as Metallica
ONEs, when you teach an animal a trick,
it never forgets it,

easily the only ones not involved in my
8 hospitalizations would be the various
families, the Prussians & prats of Europe
or Africa or S America, that's about all
who are free of my clutches, ok Iceland
too, the wealthy lands, oh ya,

I have to thank Metallica for creating
easily the most pernicious of ear worms
in their song ONE that I am leaning
towards having it's genesis in
Sir De Rothschild,

I'd never take a woman with the taste
of a man in her mouth,

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