Saturday, 24 August 2013

the time @ Risque Martin's & the Pale Delta

was my first time visiting Vermont, Pale Delta,
the first time I had a chance to see the best version
of little red riding hood was while in the bus to
Pale Delta,

I ran into a mid 40s Latina babe while I was just
turning 21, it was a nice early April Fool's day &
you know what I had a hunger like the wolf, she
didn't look too waff, goodness she could have
been Lionel Ritchie's muse for Brick House,

my gosh, the tail feather on this girl made the
dolphin in me part the waters of her season in
the Serengeti & the desire of a Maincoon for
the antlers of a Musk deer,

as would have it, we had the Magic of a box of
chocolates & after 8 we gave it a rest till she let
me writhe one more time in the forward & the
rug a by made of the stubble of a lady's Schick,

booyah, Meow Meow, she taught a young lion
the pride of Samson dipping his hand in the honey
to take a meal,

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