Thursday, 29 August 2013

50 shjades of cacao

my excitment loaded - 50 shades of african

Postby lanaj » Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:18 pm
first time I finished with a fille I was 38,

she was prolly the 12th girl in my life,

we got down to business, btw I met her

in the psyche-ward & on passes we went

to my & her places, the first time we did

the tango it took me about 5 dry runs

before I could wet her lips, oh ya, 5 times

just playing charades till she met

the the torpedos of Das Boot, she

was nice, really big girl, my height

very muscular body but that didn’t

stop me from picking up my side

of the bargain & throwing her on

the bed, booyah, I put all hands on

deck one night till I could hose down

her fire & afterwards I got her to rub

my desire out of a back massage,

then boom I was back on the horse

& giving her the biblical lesson that

only the missionary can tackle on

a cold winter’s night when you

lock your doors & keep your three

dog night to keep warm, but as

it stands she liked her belly

rubbed by my tummy, oh ya she was very

fond of the religious intent I gave

her as I loaded her mouth with enough

to let her be quiet while Rudolph

gave her a christmas that got stolen

by her desire for a last tryst rather than

continued deep impact

seriously, everytime I buckle down to

swag to porn in the back of my mind

I wonder each time whether I will

finish or not, it is brutal trying to get

off to porn & skin your whistle trying

to get a jag, seriously, I have to flip

through like 5-10 different vids over

& over again trying to muster the

courage to launch an attack, seriously

do you know what it’s like to miss

out on the dessert when you have

such a massive meal to eat & that

you have to deal with not getting

home after you had such a long

journey, brutally frustrating to lay

out your planned mission but the

gas is too stale to fire up the

jets & all you are left with is a

toothless viper, very frustrating
 it’s brutal when you have to wazz so long that

you skin your diamond, takes me a good 10 - 15

minutes to jag, & even at that I have no idea

whether I’ll be able to complete the commandment,

every time I go in wondering whether I can light it up,

seriously, one time way over an hour skinned my

dumpling & had to quit out of frustration, it’s brutal

going into action not knowing whether I’ll finish my

tour of duty or skin myself in the long haul, not to

mention touching the porcelain every time I sit

down, gross, they make cans so small you are

dragging your anchor along the ocean’s floor, gross

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