Monday, 12 August 2013

I imagine most people may actually jump

I imagine when people are lost in the plot
that they reach for the closest thing to get
them there, while things aren't so difficult
as being realistic & & rational,

my view on people is that they oft get
deluded by their own fantasies to the
point they lose track of an allegory or
things that are literal, you can tell a
story many ways, some in tense &
others in real, but I find that most get
lost in the real& grasp at straws
thinking that you can get others to
do your work when they will be paid
for duties rendered to those who till
the ground & not to those sitting back
& thinking the work of others will
render the one siting back with a

like I said, some get lost in the story,
other can read between the lines, I
imagine that those in Hollywood can
in part divide a truth if they can live
a successful private life if they can
keep their work on screen as work
on screen & not have it eclipse their
personal life like thinking you can
fly & jump off the back of your horse
& end up as  quad,

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