Sunday, 11 August 2013

just a thought, some reposting

the strory of basically reproduction on the idea that sex creates the ethereal, always woman over male, always, in the book of Kings or that of the Chronicles Elijah tried to wrest the powers from the woman or the Diablo, but for this the Queen hunted him down, that was a short time of Male over Female,

but you can't misionary yourself out as he found & thus was hunted, I wonder if the Black Widow spider is a new aberration like the days of the male over female in terms of matriarchal or Patriarchal, who knows, just an idea, that at some certain spiritual rift that the possible Abberation of the black widow was created, like I said, possibly what ever, the discovery of Fire, rain, who knows

the last book of the Bible in the Apocalyse 17, bang one more time Female over Male,

I'm coming home you're tops, New Radicals - you get what you give,

closer Tegan & Sarah, you wanna get beneath me

Enter sandman Metallica, the beast beneath your bed

Porscha Nelly, get beneath you,


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