Sunday, 11 August 2013

when I got my mohawk colored Red the hair stylist said ox blood red, oh pooh

I guess she didn't like me then
did she,

ox in hebrew is the last letter &
 means 1K, it is the sign in that
language of God,

in the book of the law in Duet or
Exodus it says the price for
negligence in the death of an ox
is 30 pieces of silver, if I were
Joshua, oh ya, the sum would
have passed hands by now,

when I had my OX chinese script
on my shirt my nurse asked what
it was, I said OX, oh ya, she had
a mass sour look on her face,

ever read the Kakuane, it has 12
tiles & a hidden one for those
who pass the death of the minotaur,
that is the 13th unknown tile, the
death as a person crosses to the
wrong way on the crossroads, in
ancient times in that of the book
of Noah, the top God was the
Minotaur, as the Fallen Angels
has pure God powers before the
flood & mated with humans to
create the races of the Nephilim,
& in these races the Minotaur
was the top God, but seems as
after the flood God put a fear in
the hearts of animals towards
humans to stop it from happening
again, yep, the fallen angels
probably inhabiting animals &
passing their spirit through
reproduction to the next God
Like Races like that of the
Egyptian Gods & others of whom
the myths are most likely made of,

in the story of the 13th tile of the
Kakuane, the best way to word it
is the murder of your best friend
by the person in the tiles, it is
basically the murder of your
probable entering of becoming an
ox instead of killing the OX who
you could become, & in the death
of your friend the possible OX
you could be, you become a bull,

no one taught me these things as
I am an OX & probably one of
the very few, the education comes
as per way of being an ox & not a
bull which always becomes a steer,

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