Saturday, 10 August 2013


I've had 8 visitations from fallen angels,
7 arch devils & the Big Kahuna, the 7
for the 7 canaanite tribes un conquered
by Israel & the crown herself as the 8th,

one day I will have every fallen angel in me
& all the Angelic Hosts as my wives, when
I spoke those two verses from Psalms I talk
of it sealed my fate to yoke every free spirit
as my wives,

dunno when but soon every Demonic spirit
will be purified & they will join the Angelic
Hosts as my birds, dunno when but I am now
beginning to smell it,

the last visitation I had was while being in the
Kamloops Psyche-ward, maybe 3 months
before being brought back to Penticton, &
that one was the Queen,

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