Saturday, 10 August 2013

Enter Sandman

it's just the beast inside your head
in the closet beneath your bed,
grain of sand, exit light enter night
off to never never land,

sleep with one eye open, Odin &
his one eye, or the eye on the
pyramid, keep you from sin till
the sandman he comes, take my
hand, the sandman is the coming
of a woman or bird or the Ruth
Spirit talked of in Isaiah, to have
a fallen angel in you as a wife,
the parable of Joshua's where they
will mrry up to the end, not literal
maraige but the joining of a fallen
angel to the man's heart,

those with quote mental illness have
the most powerful fallen angels to
afflict them trying to get into their
hearts, those who are rich & powerful
have the weakest spirits or the weakest
fallen angels as wives cuz they have
more control over the spirit or wife
or fallen angel, they are rich &
successful cuz they have weak fallen
angels that are easy to control &
harness as their power centers,

if you have a lot of emotional troubles,
it's not a mental illness it is a very
powerful woman or bird or fallen
angel that is afflicting you to get in
& to try to control you, while those
with weak fallen angels can easily
control their wives or birds or fallen
angels & they walk through life
seemlessly, those with weak wives
or fallen angel are pretty much a
normal guy who has it easy, while
those with powrrful fallen angels
have much more to impart to the
host they are trying to control &
in this they have the mind of the
fallen angel & the intelligence of
one of the True Gods from the
Atlantian days of the Book of Noah,

those with weak wives or weak fallen
angels are pretty much a vehicle for
success while having nothing of
intelligence or intellect, all they really
have is like a vehicle for having their
desires met, while those in affliction
of powerful spirits have insight,
intelligence, the vangaurd of new
concepts in science innovation art

were you born just yesterday, haha

it''s pretty much that the vampiric type
rule with weak wives while those afflicted
with powerful wives are the werewolves,
those with quote mental illnesses are to
say exactly, they are in the wilderness
the way Joshua was till he yoked his
wife the Holy Ghost, that is what
mental illness is, it is being in the
wilderness til you yoke your wife, or
die trying,

if you knew the truth about quite mental
illness the way it really is, it's pretty
much that right now we still have a
medical community blood letting people
thinking medications will help a problem
with your wife or bird, oh ya, the doctors
might as well be cutting people to do the
blood letting as an archaic backwards
form of uneducated theory on medicine,

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