Sunday, 11 August 2013

late night walks & santa's red bag

yep, if the RCMP are reading this, yep,
creatine, honey, my meds, caffiene tabs,
people keep ran sacking my apartment
& since the RCMP don't care to
investigate even after I had called or
visited them numerous times,

yep everything I need for my life is in
the bag soI know it won't get lifted like
everything else,& yep even as I called
& talked to numerous cops who were
as it would seem perplexed at my asking
them if they know what a B&E is, but
you know what, it seemed as the question
confused them, maybe that's why they
told me to do my own investigation,

oh ya I'm madder than hell thjat people
are breaking into my apartment so what
does the oficer do, oh ya, he asks me if
I've been down by the lake, new drug
lingo I imagine as I've been off that
circuit a long time, so what because
I'm pissed off people are breaking in
means I'm on drugs, oh ya, how bout
, the victim's parents of Al Pickton
must be on drugs to if they complain
to the RCPM it would seem,

it's not enough that most cops period
are on steroids but they gotta arrest
guys who go for vacations or see an
escort, never knew that was against
the law, I imagine yo momma don't
mind if you asked him, what going on
a vacation or see an escort means the
RCMP arrive & inform me, oh ya
inform me that I'm suicidal, wow,
news to me,

not to mention my mom with probable
Munchhausen Syndrome perhaps
calling me in or the doctor who never
shows for our Appt, soI walk & he
locks me up cuz he doesn't show, or
my then nurse who after two weeks
of being released I have a dr appt, &
oh ya egging it on to get me locked
up after, yep two weeks of being

now, can't even paint cuz of the
emotional trauma from the last three

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