Saturday, 7 September 2013

a dream of mine in November 2010

I had a dream in November of 2010,
I saw my then pastor sitting in a chair
with 40 kids running around his legs,

in this dream I was told that I would
have no children, it is only in the last
few weeks that I began to understand
this dream,

true I would have no physical or fleshly
young, but that I would have 40 young
in spirit, I realized that my pastor in
this dream was actually me & the 40
kids were my young in spirit,

I will be turning 41 this November 30
2013, & I am lead to believe that before
I turn 41 those of my young is spirit will
blossom & it will only be 40 to blossom,

I am lead to believe that as I will be 40
at this time & my young be 40 in number
that in the same way Jesus was 50 at the
time of his crucifixion as the alignment to
the day of Pentecost which was 50 days

I am lead to believe that the Lord was a
temple laborer & was a lead hand or
foreman on the temple construction for
20 to 30 years, & during this time when
he was on the top spire that somehow
the devil appeared to him, possibly in
a bird or as a thought in his head or
somehow like a rain shower or bug,
that this was how the devil appeared
to him to tempt him to jump,

it was most likely not the devil picking
up the Lord & placing him up there but
that somehow the devil wrought through
something fleshly or an idea to tempt the
Lord, the devil could have appeared as
a crow or some bird somehow & the Lord
would have sensed the spirit of the devil
in the bird or whatever it was that the
devil was using to communicate with
the Lord,

if you read my thesis Jormung-Drysdall
you will know who I am & that these 40
are the only to be sealed in this our day
& age, & it will all happen before my
41st birthday on November the 30th,

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